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Showing posts from January 6, 2013

Kevin Micka Live Performance at MFA Boston

Kevin Micka produces music as a one man show including a live feed video with a security camera. Unusual camera shots Kevin's subtle combination of his sound altering devices and the use of guitar, snare drum and hi-hat cymbal.  Micka builds up layer upon layer of loops and keeps the piece balanced and hypnotic. Sit back and hear the fine subtleties of this piece. Simply breathtaking.

Go to video of Kevin Micka recorded live at Cambridge Community Television

Daniel Bennett Group

Electric Mummy

Electric Mummy takes itself very seriously for a bunch of dead guys.   Something like a mummified version of Spiderman after learning the secret rites of how to perform mummification on themselves, Electric Mummy has cheated death and will rock on for millenia to come.  Enjoy them while you're still vertical to the ground.

Electric Mummy

Boston Typewriter Orchestra

Welcome!The Boston Typewriter Orchestraawaits!Click this link to listen!  Boston Typewriter Orchestra The typing pool goes goofy, uses typewriters as musical and percussion instruments and does a cover of 'Wipe Out'.

Make music with MECHANICAL typewriters, not electric ones.  This includes picking up the typewriter and banging it on the table.