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Sorry In Advance Parts I, II, and III

Sound and Vision FEATURING

Sorry In Advance Violin Duo Cambridge Community Television 
channels 8 and 9 Watch Online 

Watch the shorter videos with one piece per video!  
Or see the whole performance at once. 

SOUND&VISION featuring SORRY IN ADVANCE from Beth Redmond Walsh on Vimeo.

Sorry In Advance Part I from Beth Redmond Walsh on Vimeo.

Sorry In Advance  Part II from Beth Redmond Walsh on Vimeo.

Sorry in Advance Part III from Beth Redmond Walsh on Vimeo.

Sound and Vision IS Local Talent!

Sound and Vision = Local Talent!
Sound and Visionepisodes are on 
       and are FULLY DOWNLOADABLE here

Traditional Irish Music and Dance

Hammerstep  busking out on the sidewalk in New York

I thought you'd enjoy viewing those clips again of Irish step dancing by the Flashmob at Dublin Airport

Reels and Jigs  from 1963 Chieftans music begins at 4.32  Reels and Jigs 

To all my viewers thanks so much for watching!  Your support is deeply appreciated.  Remember to share the link with friends and family who want to watch the show streaming live at

The black and white clip from 1963 a male step dancer dancing alone to the slow and easy strains of a fiddler with a large crowd gathered behind them.
Link to music by the Chieftans This clip has an introduction in Irish Gaelic.  They start playing begining at 4.32
This link…


Sound and Vision
BEATBOX! Watch Sound and Vision streaming live here: With Beth Redmond Walsh and beatboxer, Ruben Wednesday, January 20th  8PM to 8:27PM
Watch Sound and Vision on
and on
More BEATBOX LINKS for your listening pleasure.  
See them here:   Genesis from Australia Best Beatboxer in the World Old School Felix Zenger Heymoonshaker