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Showing posts from April 30, 2017

Neighbor Media News stories by Beth Redmond Walsh

The  Trump Administration's 'America's Health Care Plan'  AHCP and What You Can Do About It

Neighbor Media Interview with Beth Redmond Walsh and Dr. Marlene Begelmann, MD from Beth Redmond Walsh on Vimeo.

The work of the Right Care Alliance to improve healthcare in America and how anyone can become involved.

Interview_01 CCTV with guests Francisco Irby and Stephanie Aines from Beth Redmond Walsh on Vimeo.

The Opioid Crisis in Massachusetts
Cambridge Police Department Unveils Mini-Video Series "The Journey of a Recovering Opioid Addict". Series of seven,  2- minute videos about the journey of a recovering opioid addict.   This multi-episode mini-documentary features an interview the Cambridge Police Department conducted with a local recovering opioid user, who describes his experiences experimenting with opioids, becoming addicted, struggling through detox and how he was able to recover and remain clean.