Thursday, March 17, 2016


Beth Redmond Walsh 
with traditional St. Paddy's Parrots shirt.

Hammerstep  busking out on the sidewalk in New York

 Irish step dancing by the Flashmob at Dublin Airport

Reels and Jigs Chieftans music begins at 4.32

To all my viewers thanks so much for watching!  Your support is deeply appreciated.  Remember to share the link with friends and family who want to watch the show streaming live at

The black and white clip from 1963  of a male step dancer dancing alone to the slow and easy strains of a fiddler with a large crowd gathered behind them.
Link to music by the Chieftans  This clip has an introduction in Irish Gaelic.  They start playing begining at 4.32
This link has several reels and jigs that I regrettably didn't have time to play during this show. They are all quite beautiful.
BTW This was actually the best show I've done by myself, without any featured talent on the show appearing with me.  It was kind of a small miracle that it turned out as well as it did.  I was a bit of a wreck putting everything together in time.
Once again, big shoutout to Marlene of Great Eastern Trading Company in Cambridge.  Thanks for your sage advice and patient help with selecting the perfect green shirt for my St. Patrick's Day show.  Funny I picked the one with the parrots.  Did St Paddy have parrots?  It's not in the history I found. If he did they would be the green kind.  Definitely.