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Beth Redmond Walsh  Executive Producer Sound and Vision 
Cambridge Community Television
My name is Beth Redmond Walsh. I produce Sound and Vision for Cambridge Community Television and scout out local Cambridge and Greater Boston area musicians and performers. 
The following is a real story about discovering talent for Sound and Vision…

Coming home from work one night I heard music on a crowded red line platform. I followed the sound to it's source and there was a guy sitting on a bench with an iPad and a small amplifier. I got up the nerve to sit down next to him and watched him play for a while.  He paused after while and I asked him what he was using to making his music.  Turned out it was an iPad with iMaschine software.   By the time my train arrived I had invited Dr Flow to be my guest on Sound and Vision and the rest is history.
Jason has since appeared with me during live broadcasts several times and he has even brought other musician friends along to jam: hip hop artists such as Yves, and Lotus.

Since I started producing Sound and Vision about four years ago I've expanded it from being a half hour live show with myself as the host and one or two performers to longer shows and bands with several performers. Sound and Vision is growing!  

We're always looking for local Cambridge and greater Boston performers especially those who compose and perform their own original music.  
If you would like to know more or refer someone to us please visit or

Thanks for visiting!   
And keep watching Sound and Vision!

Beth Redmond

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